I've included a group of images I shot while serving aboard two US Navy destroyers. While many of the images are not tack sharp they provide interesting look back in time to the mid to late 1960's. Some of the photos were taken while on station in the combat zone and many others were taken while on liberty in far away exotic locations and while on training maneuvers. The overall general quality of the images are not the best due to the ravages of time on the original slides, primarily mold and fading . However using the wonders of modern day technology I was able to restore many of the images but some were only partially successful restorations. Nontheless they all provide an interesting view of a time gone by. The photos may be viewed individually or as a slide show (controls for the slide show and for caption and file number are on the toolbar at the top of the display page) for the USS Warrington or for the USS Brumby.   I would enjoy hearing from anyone who served aboard the USS Warrington DD 843 or the USS Brumby DE 1044. I can be contacted by using the contact page in the menu. Thanks for visiting my Navy page, hope you enjoyed it!                                                                                                                                                                                                   Welcome home to all my fellow Vietnam Vets


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